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Are you concerned about safety on the web for both yourself and your family?

Guardian Web is a new, tailored service giving you complete control and peace of mind for all of your own and your family’s online activities, including desktop, tablet and mobile telephone devices. With individual device control, Guardian Web is the perfect union of online safety and internet filtering and ensures that all of your online use is safe and protected within the home.



With Guardian Web you can chose exactly what is blocked and what is allowed, with complete customisation for individual devices and pre-set options for comprehensive filtering. 

Data and Time Control

If you are concerned about how much time is being spent on the internet, we can help you. We offer device specific access options, with limits on data and time usage so you can always have control of what is going on in your home.

Integrated Computer Protection

With built in malware, virus and trojan blockers, you can use the internet without worrying about harmful files and pages affecting your devices.

User Friendly Interface

Our intuitive dual interface system gives total control of all devices and internet use and our simple user guides make online protection easier than ever! 


With the internet becoming ever more vast, information is easy to find and not all of it is good. Anyone, especially young children, can easily access harmful, upsetting or unsavoury websites – many of which can be seriously damaging to your devices. Guardian Web is here to help you protect your loved ones and your devices in a way that gives you total control of everything that goes on in your home. Our user friendly interface streamlines the entire process and with extensive customisation options available, you’ll be amazed at how much easier protecting your family has become! Click below for further information on how Guardian Web can benefit you.

Nowadays, many websites and apps contain links to websites with adult content that can be very distressing – especially to young children happily playing on a computer or tablet. With Guardian Webs comprehensive filtering categories, you can automatically block all websites that contain adult content, even specifying particular genres and themes! Let your children use the internet without worrying about what they may inadvertently find.

Some websites, especially those with forums and discussion threads, may not specifically refer to undesirable content, but users within the site may discuss things that you would rather your children not be exposed to. If you know of a site that you no longer want your children having access to, but do not want to block all sites of the same genre, Guardian Web allows you to block specific sites regardless of their category. Likewise, if you do not want a particular category being accessed, but know of sites within it that you are happy with, you can block the category and chose specific sites to be allowed.

Malware and viruses are a great worry to anyone accessing the internet, and with many seemingly benign websites containing hidden viruses, even the best of us can get caught by dangerous software. Malware and viruses can be a great threat to your files and personal data but with Guardian Web’s full malware, virus, Trojan and pop-up detection and blocking software, you can browse the internet care free.

The internet is a wonderful resource, but it is very easy for anyone – especially teenagers – to spend far too much time and data surfing the net. Guardian Web lets you put time and data limits on all internet use to make sure your children don’t spend too much time online. Time limits allow either a total time each week/day/month, or only allow access during certain time periods - perfect for little ones who don’t want to stop browsing at bed time! The data limits are also fully customisable and all options are device specific so you can keep browsing whilst the kids are in bed! This also allows each child to have their own specific limits so everyone is happy.

We have used this system in our home for over 2 years now. Guardian Web helped us set it up. It gives me a feeling of security knowing that I can have some input into what my children access on the internet. It has worked well with no problems during the whole time. I particularly like the fact that you can individualize the controls set on each computer in the home. We will continue to use it in the foreseeable future.

Judi from Haye-on-Wye

We have been using the Internet security system for the past year, and have been really impressed with it. It really sets our minds at rest that all of our family are safe, especially our children, from the many dangers and predators that can be found on the internet. We especially like that you can adapt and create security that is tailored to each individuals needs, as well as monitor and control how much usage they have and set time limits for each day of the week. This is a well designed and versatile program that can give you complete peace of mind.

Elise from Hereford